Green Bill

What is the Green Bill?

Sustainable Events Guideline:

Available Resources

  • AS Recycling for waste service
  • CAB for tables
  • AS Annex for compostable cups, plates and utensils
  • Pardall Center for water pumps

Caterers and food selection

  • Vegetarian and vegan options in events with more than 30 people

Food service ware

  • Compostable utensils


Rules: All AS events must offer both recycling and compost disposal to minimize waste

Events often generate large amounts of waste and can cause overflow in nearby trash cans, and many locations where events are held do not offer recycling or compost.

  • Minimize the waste that your event will generate. Instruct your tablers to only give out flyers and other handouts to those who ask for them, and to avoid distributing paper tickets or individually wrapped candy, as these end up being the largest source of litter at most events.
  • Request waste service from AS Recycling early in the planning process. There is a charge for this service, but ASR students will set up bins with signage at the event site and collect all waste and bins when you are finished so you don’t have to worry about transporting anything yourself.


Rule: No single-use water bottles may be used in AS offices or events.

  • Providing individual plastic bottles creates a huge amount of plastic waste, so AS has developed sustainable ways to run a hydration station.

What you should do:

  • Speak to your advisor about ordering extra 5-gallon bottles of water specifically for your event.
  • Obtain a hand pump specifically designed to fit over the mouth of a 5-gallon bottle. If your organization does not have one of its own, you may be able to borrow one from the Pardall Center, CAB, EAB, or Program Board. Try to get two if possible, as the straw sometimes comes loose in the bottle and can’t be retrieved until the bottle is empty.
  • Purchase compostable water cups from Zero Waste Committee’s compostable products program in the Annex.
  • At your event, set up a folding table with a couple 5-gallon bottles on top with hand pumps affixed and plenty of cups. Put up a sign to inform people that the cups are compostable, and make sure there is a compost bin available nearby.
  • At the end of the event, gather all empty bottles so they can be returned to the supplier. They will reuse the bottles so no plastic is wasted!

Giveaway and Promotional Item Purchasing

Certain common giveaway items must be purchased with environmental and social sustainability in mind.


What to look for:

  • Made in USA (required)
  • Made from recycled cotton/polyester (preferred)
  • Made from organic cotton/other fabrics (second to recycled cotton)

Recommended companies:

  • SustainU
    • Benefits: manufactured and printed in USA with 100% recycled materials, high quality & comfortable shirts, affordable price (100 shirts w/ single color ~$10/shirt)
    • Drawbacks: Base shirt color fairly limited to earthy/neutral tones, few bright colors
  •  IV Screen Printing, with US-made shirt option
    • Benefits: supports local business, manufactured and printed in USA
    • Drawbacks: More expensive than SustainU (100 shirts w/ single color, American Apparel shirts ~$12/shirt)

Other Companies:

  • American Apparel
  • Social Imprints
  • Royal Apparel
  • TS Designs

Tote Bags

  • Eco Promotional Products
    • Benefits: More variety, three made in USA options
  • EnviroTote
    • Benefits: Three great options, recycled cotton, organic cotton, recycled plastic
    • Drawbacks: Pricing unsure, preliminary research suggests made in USA, but more should be done to figure out for sure
  • Bulletin Bag
    • Benefits: “The soda recycler” looks great, made in USA and made from recycled material

Water Bottles

  • Liberty BottleWorks
    • Pros: Made in USA from recycled aluminum
    • Cons: Expensive. Note: Groups that mention that they are from a university usually they get a discount
  • Polar Bottle
    • Cons: Not made out of recycled materials
    • Pros: Made in the USA! Insulated!
  • Other plastic water bottles pretty easy to find online that meet Green Bill standards


A lot of options online. Pens that satisfy the 30% post-consumer waste recycled rule are easy to find and cheap

Sustainable Office Guideline:

Resources available:

  • LED lighting with motion sensors
  • Recycling and compost bins
  • Reusable cups, plates, and utensils


Double sided

Printer can print one sided if it is recycled

Coffee and tea

Rule: Must be fair trade certified


Rule: No single-use water bottles may be used in AS offices or event