The charge of the Environmental Affairs Board is to promote environmental, social, political, and economic sustainability. The Board serves UC Santa Barbara and the surrounding communities by coordinating with decision makers, local organizations, and student groups to advocate for improvements to environmental standards at the local, national and global level. Additionally, the Board provides students with environmental education and encourages a culture of eco-friendly habits in order to shape their lives at UCSB and beyond.

How to Join

Any UCSB student can join EAB! Just come to a meeting, volunteer event, or social activity, and you’re in! While we encourage members to attend our weekly meetings, this is not necessary for membership. We appreciate and welcome whatever level of commitment your schedule permits, and we strive to support our members through friendship, leadership development, service, and fun. Come out and experience the many aspects of environmentalism with us! Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 PM. To keep updated on EAB’s activities and any schedule changes, please sign up for our weekly newsletter.

AS Sustainability Policy

Check out these helpful guidelines for help in following the AS Sustainability Policy.