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What is EAB?

Environmental Affairs Board (EAB) is a branch of UCSB’s Associated Students and is the largest environmental group on campus.  EAB strives to protect, preserve and enhance the environment, principally at UCSB and its surrounding communities.  We focus on ecology, energy, food, climate change, water policy and conservation, the economy, environmental justice and other issues.  We coordinate with other groups to promote environmental perspectives and sustainability throughout the university and at the local and statewide levels.  See our campaigns for more on the projects we’re currently running.


How to Join

Any UCSB student can join EAB! Just come to a meeting, volunteer event, or social activity, and you’re in! While we encourage members to attend our weekly meetings, this is not necessary for membership. We appreciate and welcome whatever level of commitment your schedule permits, and we strive to support our members through friendship, leadership development, service, and fun. Come out and experience the many aspects of environmentalism with us! Meetings are held every Wednesday at 7 PM. To keep updated on EAB’s activities and any schedule changes, please sign up for our weekly newsletter.


Check out these helpful guidelines to reduce your event’s eco-footprint and promote sustainability through resource conservation, waste minimization, and ethically and environmentally preferred purchasing.

UCSB Faculty Senate Votes in Favor of Fossil Fuel Divestment


May 30, 2013:  UCSB’s Academic Senate voted in favor of fossil fuel divestment. which makes them the first in the University of California system to do so.  Emily Williams, UCSB’s Fossil Free Coordinator said, “We were just so overwhelmed, it was incredible. You could just feel the happiness and pride of the people I’ve been working with for the last year.”  The debate in senate was fiercely fought but the determination and the persuasiveness of the Fossil Free divesters won.

UCSB has set a precedent that faculty senates across the UC system can now follow. This is the latest in a series of victories for the California-wide divestment movement. Just earlier this week Stanford University’s student government also voted in favor of fossil fuel divestment. As of now, seven UC student governments have voted in favor of divestment. The conviction that “if it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage“ is spreading across the country, and is inspiring thousands of people to do what science urges and morality demands.

John Foran, a professor at UCSB, stated “[It] was a historic day for the University of California, and for UC Santa Barbara.  On that day we took a big step toward making the way we think about the long-term economic health of the university consistent with its strong commitment toward building a sustainable future, and saw the faculty agree with a far-sighted student call to rein in the obscene power of the fossil fuel industry to continue to destroy the planet, corrupt our political system, and profit at the expense of ensuring an unlivable planet for generations to come.  I hope that this message ripples out far and wide, to colleagues at the other UCs, to academic communities everywhere, and to the global climate justice movement whose goals we support.”

More information on UCSB’s Fossil Free Campaign.