Here are some fun videos we’ve filmed about things we find relevant to a green lifestyle!

How to: Buying in Bulk

Here are two of our 2018-2019 core officers, discussing the importance of buying in bulk! Jimmy and Sofie talk about why buying in bulk matters, and then walk you through the process!

This video was filmed at our lovely neighborhood co-op!

Easy Guide to Green Diets

Here’s a visual guide to all the different levels of vegan and vegetarian diets. We encourage you to do your own research and look into the environmental and health benefits of changing up your eating habits. This video includes some of the bigger food groups, but there are plenty of other things that everyone can eat, like grains and pasta.

Disclaimer: vegan and vegetarian diets are not for everyone, consult a doctor before making any major changes to your diet and lifestyle

Santa Cruz Island Camping Trip 2019

Here’s a vlog from our 2019 camping trip to Santa Cruz Island!

EAB Flashback! EAB in 2011